Monday, July 6, 2009

Her Name Is Ann And She Is A Craftoholic...

Welcome to this week's edition of Craftoholics!

No idea what the what I'm talking about? Go here to find out more!

This week's Craftoholic is none other than the Queen of the Cards: Ann!

Please list any crafts you enjoy making. What is your favorite?

"I’m a paper crafter—--mostly cards and the occasional altered item."

When did you start making crafts? Was there a particular reason or event that got your started?

"I went to a Stampin’ Up! workshop about 5 years ago and became interested in cardmaking, although I didn’t get serious about it until last year."

I love seeing these four colors together on one card!

What do you like to do when you aren't crafting?

"I enjoy reading, writing, spending time with my hubby, and playing with my dog."

What makes you a craftoholic? What drives you to create?

"I’m a craftoholic because I make something almost every day of my life…and if I’m not making something, I’m surfing other crafty blogs for ideas or simply thinking about what I’ll create next. I often fall asleep with an idea on my mind, and when I wake up, the idea is there. I really do see inspiration everywhere. I carry a small notebook wherever I go, so when inspiration strikes, I can jot it down and work on it later."

That's me too! lol

What is your favorite food?

"I’m a sugar addict, so sweets are my weakness. Brownies are my all-time favorite treat."

I love the button flowers and touch of ribbon!

What food do you hate to eat?

"I hate green peppers and onions!"

How long have you been blogging?

"About a year."

Ooooo, love that glitzy star!

What do you like best about blogging?

"I love having a network of friends around the world who support me in this crazy obsession of mine. It’s fun to share comments with each other-—and to exchange good, old-fashioned snail mail. There’s nothing like opening up your mailbox to find a handmade card and some goodies waiting for you!"

What craft have you always wanted to try but, for whatever reason, never have?

"I’ve always wished I could sew."

*sigh* That's a big one for me too!

Oh no! You've been ship wrecked on a deserted island! (Luckily you grabbed your adhesive and scissors before you jumped ship!) Name 3 other crafting supplies that your creative survival depends upon! (Note: Capt. Jack Sparrow is not a crafting supply!)

"Yikes! Only 3 items?! I’d have to grab cardstock, ribbon, and some bling."

Thanks for letting me interview you Ann! You are definitely a Craftoholic!

Be sure to check back next Monday when another lucky victim...ahem, I mean crafter will be added to the Craftoholic family!


Keith said...

Great q&a. I enjoyed reading that. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you will have a wonderful week ahead. Cheers!

The Dimino's said...

Love the cards!! Enjoyed the post!! Stopping by from sits!

Marie Reed said...

Her cards are just divine! I just adore the texture!

laterg8r said...

love those cards - love the vibrancy of them.

Anonymous said...

Hi to another craftaholic!!!

Love those cards, amazing work!

Anonymous said...

they're all beautiful! I'm in awe :-)

Anonymous said...

another great interview!!

Jeannie said...

You couldn't have chosen a more perfect person in Ann!!

LUV your blog!

Peace and Luv,

Laura O'Donnell said...

Ann's cards are awesome!

Deanna said...

Go Ann, she is a craftaholic! :)

Sara said...

So fun! I check out her blog regularly- good pick. :)

Karyn - (French Charming) said...

Ann is one talented lady! Gorgeous creations and I enjoyed the Q&A.

Have a lovely day Maggi!


JoLynn said...

This is hysterical.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Nice work. I wish I was more creative. I do my best.

GypsyFox said...

wow what a crafty soul!!! I'm thinking I want to start investing my time in this! LOL :) have a FAB monday I'm getting excited about the xmas blog party :) I'm sacing images & songs & working on a header!!! ;) have a great monday

Aimes said...

Yay! I just love Ann's creations - she rocks!

Jessica Cangiano said...

What fantastic cards! I can't pick a fave, they're each awesome! Thank you for another terrific interview, I really enjoy these get-to-know a crafter posts :)

Have a super great week, sweetie!
♥ Jessica

dustjacket attic said...

Ann makes the best cards! so talented. xxx

That's Who I Am said...

Wow her cards are fabulous:) Can't wait for the Bach. tonight. I SURE hope that Wes goes home!!

BananaStamper said...

This is fun! It's true, she makes fantastic cards!!!

Laurie said...

Great interview! I think we can ALL relate!

~amy~ said...

wootie woot woot for Ann!

~amy~ said...

wootie woot woot for Ann!

Alicia said...

those card are adorable!

AUsome mom said...

Great post about a really great crafter!! I just love Ann and she always creates the most beautiful cards. You go girl!!

Jocelyn said...

Loved meeting you Ann and your work is fabulous!!! Thanks Maggi for another great Monday!!!! :)

StampinCathy said...

Love reading about you Ann! I just love your creative and inspiring MOJO! Look forward to all your amazing projects.

Cavania said...

Gorgeous cards and loving the blog

kathj said...

love these cards