Monday, April 27, 2009

Are You A Craftoholic?

Do you suffer from creativity overload?

Do you find yourself compelled to make fabulous things?

Do you dream in pixels, paper or paint?

Have you ever coughed up a brad?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you may be a "Craftoholic". There is no cure because this is not a is awesome...

So awesome in fact that I want YOU to join my league of fabulous Craftoholics. It's easy for me to say, "go visit so and so's blog" but just who is the artist behind the blog? That's what I want to find out. I am looking for people to interview that would allow me to post said interview on my blog in an effort to get to know blogging buddies and fellow artisans better.

This snazzy button could be yours!

(With your name of course) :P

The newest Craftoholic's interview will be posted here every Monday. Prepare to be dazzled!

This is open to anyone who crafts: scrapbookers, cardmakers, altered project makers, knitters, crocheters, digital artists, whatever you make, I want to hear from you! Would you like to be interviewed and proclaim your craftoholic-ness to the world? It's as easy as:

1. Follow my blog!

2. E-mail me your wish to be interviewed at katamommy at gmail dot com and title your e-mail, "I'm A Craftoholic!" Please include your blog or website address, you must have a blog that is updated regularly in order to participate! You will be sent a set of questions which you will need to answer and return to me. I will need your answers back before you can be placed on the waiting list for posting. Interviews will be posted in the order which received (just like your friendly neighborhood customer service number, expect much much cooler).

And 3. Sit back and pat yourself on the back for an interview well done. You will be notified when your interview will be posted along with you very own button to display on your blog or website.

Now, if by some crazy chance no one is interested in being interviewed, I will post an interview with myself on Monday...and trust me, you don't want to see that happen so get your request in!

Thank you my Craftoholic sisters!


Becky T. said...

YOU are the cutest ever! I would love to see you interview yourself as you are very amusing. I'm very interested to see who you interview... other than yourself of course!! :-)

Jocelyn said...

Hey I will play along!!!!!! I too would love to see you interview yourself!!!! Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

You were above me in roll call over at SITS. While I'm not a craftaholic I do enjoy things that others make and I love going to craft shows, much to my husband's He'd rather go to Home Depot.

Anonymous said...

You should interview yourself first!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm a creative-aholic...does that count?

That's Who I Am said...

I will have to do this!!

DoubleL said...

You crack me up gf!!!!

Would love to hear that interview....

Lauren said...

Love your blog! I'm not necessarily a craftaholic...well, maybe if you consider writing about life and/or baking a craft then I'm a craftaholic ...otherwise i'm just a goodintentions-lotsofideas-aholic.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to getting to know you better through yours!!

~ Grace ~ said...

Oh I want to do this!!! Great Idea!

Rbarakat said...

You crack me up! Maggi - your blog looks fabulous! I haven't checked in for awhile but wow! What you've done looks really great! Mkaes me want to change mine!

BunnyKissd said...

I'd love to be interviewed! I emailed my info! ^-^

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I would love to be interviewed by the Magnificant Maggi!

Of course, I would hope you know that I follow your blog :o)

i will be emailing you soon :o)

see ya soon!

Blessings & aloha!

Julie Ranae said...

Glad to have found you and would love for you to come by, say hello and take a peek in The Open Window...lots of fun going on, so bring your favorite beverage and spend some time.
Oh...and I am an open book so ask away!