Monday, August 24, 2009

Her Name Is Jordiegirl And She Is A Craftoholic...

Welcome to this week's edition of Craftoholics!

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This week's Craftoholic is a fabulous card maker from the UK, Jordiegirl!

Please list any crafts you enjoy making. What is your favorite?

"I enjoy knitting, bobbin lacemaking, cross-stitch, embroidery, cardmaking. My favourite is cardmaking because you can make a quick card or you can do a project which takes a lot longer."

I love the idea of a real photograph on a card...

When did you start making crafts? Was there a particular reason or event that got your started?

"I have been crafting since I was a child when I learned to knit at about the age of 7. My mother and our neighbour taught me to knit but had to teach me the right-handed way although I am left-handed because they were both right-handed!

Now cardmaking is a different story - I actually got involved in that because a young friend with special needs went to work at a new local store and they stocked craft products. She wanted to make Christmas cards and got me to help her with them - from then on I was hooked - that was in about 2003."

What do you like to do when you aren't crafting?

"When I'm not crafting I am researching my family tree, it is my goal to write it all up into a book complete with photographs of people and locations for future generations of my family to read and enjoy."

The foil techniques on this card are so pretty...

What makes you a craftoholic? What drives you to create?

"I'm a craftoholic because I cannot resist buying more and more items even though I know I already have far too much stock. If I see something on one of the shopping channels I try to sit on my hands but the temptation is always there. I'm driven to create because I love to see the end result and it gives me a sense of achievement."

What is your favorite food?

"I don't really have a favourite food - I eat most things to be honest - although I am partial to carrot cake."

What food do you hate to eat?

"When it comes to food I hate, it would have to be peanut butter - yuck!!!! Both my husband and son like it with strawberry jam on a sandwich - I tried it and hated it!"

How long have you been blogging?

"I only started blogging this year, I think it was about March."

What do you like best about blogging?

"I absolutely love following blogs and love chatting with so many wonderful people around the world. All the bloggers seem such lovely people."

The photograph cutout on this card is the perfect personal touch!

What craft have you always wanted to try but, for whatever reason, never have?

"I would love to do parchment craft/Pergamano. Your question does really ask about something I've never done - so I shouldn't really include this as I did have one go at it and haven't got back to it.

I have seen parchment craft demonstrated on TV and I am really drawn to it because it is so like the bobbin lacemaking that I used to do and have given up now because my eyes aren't so good these days. So I would love to sit down and have the time to master this particular craft and be as good as Christine Coleman."

Oh no! You've been ship wrecked on a deserted island! (Luckily you grabbed your adhesive and scissors before you jumped ship!) Name 3 other crafting supplies that your creative survival depends upon! (Note: Capt. Jack Sparrow is not a crafting supply!)

"1) Well the obvious thing to take would be some basic cardstock because that is the basis of any card and you could look around the deserted island for items to attach to it.

2) My Karl cutter - I love this as it has so many different cutting wheels with it.

3) My crafting mat so I would have a decent surface to work on."

Thanks for letting me interview you Jordiegirl! You are such a Craftoholic!

Be sure to check back next Monday when another lucky victim...ahem, I mean crafter will be added to the Craftoholic family!


Scrappy Girl said...

I like cards with photos on them too!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Cool cards! Thanks for another great interview Maggi!

laterg8r said...

love the pictures on the cards too :D

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Another very talented crafter and another fabulous interview! I love the foil technique.


Nora Johnson said...

Fantastic crafter & equally fantastic interview! Congrats to you both!

Hope you're having a great start to the week!


PS thanks for stopping by - commented back to you at end of previous post! xx

Nora Johnson said...

Fantastic crafter & equally fantastic interview! Congrats to you both!

Hope you're having a great start to the week!


PS thanks for stopping by - commented back to you at end of previous post! xx

Kristin said...

Ahhhhhhhh, I'm forever wishing I was crafy. Those cards are fabulous!

Jocelyn said...

Great interview Maggi....Some real talent going on here!!!! :)

Dustjacket Attic said...

Love the foil card and I love carrot cake too :)

Keith said...

Great photos and interview. I enjoyed both. Hope your week started off well. Cheers!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

She is AMAZING!!!!!!! Loveeeeeeeeeeee her work! :):):):):):):):):)

Bella said...

You find the coolest crafters to feature. :)
By the way, I'm sending you the Splash Award, too. Come and get it at your leisure. :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Hi sweet gal, another super fun to read interview with a crafty and creative soul :)

Just wanted to mention that I added your gorgeous button (graphic) to my side bar over at Chronically Vintage. No clue how I'd gone this long without noticing it on your left side bar before, but better late than never! :D

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend - big hugs!!!
♥ Jessica