Friday, February 6, 2009

Me Need Chocolate, Right Honey?

Since becoming a stay at home mom, I've really been getting creative with my cooking. I love to try new recipes and tend to obsess over my ingredient d'jour until Chris comes to me and says, "Uh honey...does this have garlic in it too? Can you not put green onions in the grits next time?" Oh well, nothing comes from not trying something new, right? Wait, does that even make sense? Anyhoo, my current ingredient obsession is honey and in looking for some honey recipes, I came across "Honey Chocolate Cupcakes".

Let's see: Honey? Check. Chocolate? Check. Cupcakes??? Oh baby, I am all in! So I made them for the first time the other night and they were...interesting...
The thing to remember with "from scratch" cakes is that they tend to be more dense than your "from the box" variety. They also are not as sweet (at least to me) so the frosting is needs to be more sugar-y. Well, there is no sugar in the recipe, it's sweeten with only honey. So the frosting (which is just melted chocolate chips and honey) is thick and once it dries can get a little chewy...My husband loved them so I guess I'll mark this one as a success! I might try and play around with the frosting to get it just right. So far, this is the best frosting I've found that uses honey:

1 stick of butter, softened
1/2 cup honey
8 oz of cream cheese

Use your mixer on these bad boys and oh my goodness, I could eat it right out of the bowl! (And I have, lol)

Here's the link to the cupcakes recipe: click here.

Keep on rolling,