Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night Fab Five: Sunshine Day

You know, around this time of year I get super happy. This is mainly due to the change of the seasons. Stupid hot humidity for jerks hits the road and in comes blessed relief in the form of cooler breezes and the...anticipation...of...



Oh snap, they're coming they're coming they're coming WOO HOO!

(I'm slightly okay with the holiday season if you hadn't noticed.) It used to really bug me that stores put out holiday decor halfway through the Summer until I thought, "Wait, I love the holiday season! What's better than a little bit of early ho ho ho?!" I still don't buy anything that early but I do love to cruise the aisles and take in all of the glued on glitter overpriced wonder.


Wait, where was I? Oh right, I've got a Friday Night Fab Five to do! So anyhoo, because of this exciting happy fun time I love so much (Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall!), this week's Fab Five is all about 5 things that make me happy. And not seriously important things like family, country, blah blah blah. I'm talking totally frivolous things that for one reason or another just make me giant grin stupid face happy in fact that I'm posting this week's Friday Night Fab Five before five! I know, crazy right?

1. Blogs that have word verification turned off: Yes, I know that most people are afraid of spam and what not but there's nothing better than being able to hit "comment" without that stupid box popping up. Plus half the time I get the stupid word wrong and then have to do it again and for some reason the second word is harder than the first one! So I keep getting it wrong and wrong and wrong till finally the system says, "Enough already!" and gives me a verification like, "is" or "me". And from personal experience, I've never gotten one spamish or funky comment since turning it off on my you're welcome... :P

2. On days like today, when the sky is clear and bright blue, the sun is out and the temperature is perfect you can count on me singing this song and dancing my way to the car (Ask Chris, it's true!):

3. I took this picture today, it makes me happy:

4. The Monkees: Okay, y'all don't even realize the extent of my love for The Monkees. I've seen them in concert three times (all reunion tours obviously) and met Micky Dolenz once. Anytime I hear their music, it doesn't matter how bad my mood is, it never fails to put a smile on my face! This is my all time favorite Monkees song:

5. I'm happy because it's Friday and tomorrow is Saturday and hubby is off of work which means we will be going out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary...while Toot is at home with my mom! Woo hoo!

And that's it for this week! Have a great long holiday weekend everyone! :D


Danielle said...

eek!! I'm first!!
I HATE word verification too. I dont have it on my blog either, and I have never had a spam blog. (I have had a few weirdos join though. I blocked them)
Toot is smiling again! Awesome.!
The brady bunch singing "so happy and gay" terrific
The monkees!! I still love Davey Jones. Probably not as much as Marsha Brady does though.
And the holidays!!! I love fall too!!

GypsyFox The Glamorous Betty Crocker said...

i ALSO DON'T HAVE IT ON MY BLOG, ATLEAST i DONT THINK IT DOES! LOL LOVE THE MONKEYS =) ooops sorry bout the caps, just noticed anywho Toot is ever so beautiful & big!!!! just beautiful!..p.s. it's STILL hot & sticky here =(

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Sunshine Days, omg, what a blast from the past.
I was in a major funk until now -
thanks girl, I needed that! lol

Karen said... night!! As cute as your Toot is, with that happy pic to share and all, enjoy your time with your Hubby! I hear you on the word verification.....I turned mine off a couple of months ago and have only had one that was nothing drastic. The ones where it goes to that little box with the word, but shows the top of the blog after you hit 'publish'? Half the time I think I've made my comment and hop off to another site and realize that the comment never posted.....drives me batty...especially when I don't want that particular person to think I've forgotten about them!

Well, I'm off to make my Princess lunch (I can hear her playing with her brother's Batman toys now) and to play some Brady 'Sunshine Day' for her...THANKS! :>:>

Karen said...

Hey Maggi! Just made that lunch and we listened to "Sunshine Day" three times in a row and guess what?! It perked me up and gave me more energy & smiles than my morning cup of java! Now, that's never happened before....SO THANK YOU! :>

Skrappie said...

Awesome Friday Night Fab Five, and what a cute picture of Toot! Have fun on your date night :)

Nora Johnson said...

What a gorgeous pic of beautiful Toot! She looks so happy I'd like to dive into the pic & join her!!

Hope you're having a great Friday! Still VERY hot & humid here UGH!!

xx LOLA:)

Lisa said...

Have a great time celebrating! I love that pic of Toot, also. I know what you mean about the word verification, but I'm too chicken to turn it off! :)

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

"Stupid hot humidity for jerks" Maggi, you must stop making me blow my drink through my nose!

Love the list and I am known to spontaneously bust out singing Sunshine Day...yes, I know I'm weird.

Love the picture of Toot, hands down the cutest baby EVER! I've seen the Monkees too, only it wasn't a reunion tour...sigh! Have a wonderful Anniversary dinner with you hubby!


jacque4u2c said...

I can tell TOOT is very happy too! Yea for you and hubby!!!! Have an awesome celebration!!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same about word verification. Toot is so cute, and I love The Monkee's too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I love Christmas and Thanksgiving(And Halloween) too much :D

Liway said...

OMG..I soooo loved the BB!!!! That was awesome!!! Thanks for taking me back Maggi!! Also - I hope I don't have WV on....if I do just let me know!! What a pain!! LOL!!! :) Enjoy your dinner and have a fabulous weekend!!! :)

laterg8r said...

i don't have word verification either and the worst is when you don't think there is word verification and you click post and then you don't see the pop up window b/c you assumed it posted and you are already on the next blog - sorry but i ain't goin back! ssssheeeesh - what a pain in the butt! i hate being slowed down!

my fave is the "hey hey we're the monkees" song :D

can't wait for halloween (then on nov 1st i get excited about xmas) :D

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, thank you for your friendship and have yourself a fabulous weekend!!

Love & Hugs
Duchess ♥♥♥

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I was wondering about turning the word V off. I'll give it a go!

I love the two clips, they do make you SO happy, you sweet girl.

Toot's honey, biggest hug from DJ! Love ya.

Have a great weekend honey and enjoy that night out with Chris!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Well, I have to admit...that I used to ALLOW all comments to my blog and only had the "owners approval" thingy on there....but then this WONDERFUL (please feel free to see the sarcasm DRIPPING from that word....hehehehehe) WOMAN .... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that USED to be MARRIED to MY NOW Husband (as in the EX WIFE...hehehehehehe)....welllllllllll she decided to LEAVE me the MEANEST COMMENTS I have ever seen....well....we won't talk about that horrible BLOG that has recently shut down (YAY!)...anywho....she left me a comment about a post I did about Brookie's spots after her surgery....and how people look at her like she's ugly....and the ex's comment...was something like..."Well, no wonder she is UGLY, she looks JUST like her Mom"....and then another comment was..."Wow...U move fast..get knocked up by Brian on purpose, just so he'd marry your FAT a**"...........sooooo needless to say...I now have all the "security" bells and whistles on there...soooooooooooooo sorry that if U leave me a comment and U have to do the code....I'm sorry!! :):):):):):):):):)

And in other news...LOL.....

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the photo of TOOT....and speaking of ex' EX-Mother-in-Law was kissed on the cheek by MICKEY when she was a teenager!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jocelyn said...

Love these and love the Monkees! I hate the word verification do I turn mine off? Hoping you have a great dinner with hubby and thanks for sharing!!!

The Vintage Kitten said...

I find the comment verification annoying too. I always get the word wrong and sometimes lose my comment all together. Enjoyed the clips, they took me back! The baby is absolutely beautiful, and it is such a happy picture. Have a lovely weekend X

Anonymous said...

Oh Maggi, you are fabulous! Its been a particularly painful 2 weeks, and my workery world took over my whole life and i couldnt even blog but today today you were one of my first stops because I can always count on you to make me happeeeee!!
OK so 3 things right away:
#1 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I ♥ those pix below and your engagement photo is pricele$$!!
#2 I am a Monkees FREAK!! I have seen them in waaayy to many reunion concerts (who the heck is paul revere and the raiders anyway?) and one time their dressing room was actually on the back side of the stage and from where i sat i could actually see davy jones UNDRESSING!!! Swoonville!
(He still looked pretty good, i must say)
#3 I LOVE LOVE LOVE that partridge family song toooooo Unfortunately my son cant *stand* it, (I guess cuz it was like on autorewind his whole childhood-beware Toot!) and he prefers darker stuff right now....
BUT I just spammed you to say, YAYAYAY for Maggi and fall and christmas and halloween and thanksgiving and decorations and lights and presents and falling leaves and cool breezes and mittens even though i am in florida-and Maggi for reminding me of them all and perkin me right up! WOOT WOOT! Enjoy din din with your mannnnnnn xoxoxoxoxolove roooooooo

That's Who I Am said...

I love the holidays as well. And I can't wait for cooler weather. It has already been pretty cool here at night so that's good! But, I LOVE thanksgiving and Christmas of course! I don't know if my word verfication is on or not gonna go check for ya now lol! HUGS:)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Have a fantastic anniversary celebration with your darling husband, Maggi sweetie - you so deserve it!

Oodles of hugs!!!
♥ Jessica

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment x

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment x

Kirsty said...

I really enjoyed this post! It was so much fun! (like all of your posts) :)

I really love Christmas too! I totally agree that they put way too many decorations out in shops way too early as well, but it does make you feel chirstmasy doesn't it? :)

Thanksgiving always looks like such a great holiday :) Its normally around my birthday and I remember when I was about 10, my parents and friends threw me a Thanksgiving birthday party! It was amazing, with loads of American food and games :)

Hope you and your husband have a lovely anniversary Maggi! :)

~ Kirsty x

Pearl Maple said...

Fun post, changing seasons are great fun. Will you keep us posted on your vintage bling circle journal, it is a fabulous theme.

Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for taking the time to comment

Joy said...

Maggi, I am soooo with you on the word verification thing. It is the bane of my bloggy existence!

Maureen said...

oooh! i can't turn word verification off??? hmmmm, i wonder if mine is even on.....well, toot's smile just made my morning!!!! love it too! i'm sooo excited and trying NOT to put up my Halloween decor and make my neighbors wonder if i'm crazy!!! but i cannot keep it from happening if it happens next weekend!! lol! have a great week!


sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Thank you very much for your comments Maggi! And just so you know, I have been singing Sunshine Day all weekend long! lol
Hope you guys had a nice anniversary celebration together! I can't believe how big TooT is getting in this short time I have know you. Time flies huh! Have a great holiday weekend! xoxo deb

yyam said...

Toot is so cute!

I hate word verification too. I try to leave a comment at each of the blogs I visit but if I can't after several tries, I give up. I don't like comment moderation's like censorship...besides I'm always

Sean80 said...

The cooler weather also means that Halloween, NHL hockey and NFL football are also on their way. Plus your, Chris and my birthdays too!!! Fall is a busy time and the best time of year. Can't wait to watch the leaves change.

Anonymous said...

yay for fall! yay for Halloween! I LOVE Halloween. Great list! And I love the Monkees too!!!