Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Night Fab Five: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

This week's Friday Night Fab Five is so simple...I'm on vacation and thought I'd do my top five vacation movies! Here they are, in no particular order:

1. National Lampoon's Vacation

I can so remember torturous summer vacations like this. Well, we never dragged a dog behind our car or ate pee-pee sandwiches but still...

2. Dirty Dancing

I have to be honest, I have a lot of problems with this movie. The primary one being a 1960's setting with mostly 1980's music. However, despite the out of place music and questionable acting, it does draw you in and what is more alluring than going on vacation with your family and meeting 1980's Patrick Swayze...

3. Only You

Another movie I remember watching with my best friend when we were younger and we just thought it was the most romantic thing ever. Jetting off to Europe and falling in love...*sigh*

4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Despite the movies on this list, I am not usually a typically "chick flick" kinda gal. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is more my speed and it is f-u-n-n-y.

5. Pride and Prejudice

This is one of my favorite all time movies. And might I add: the Colin Firth A&E version is the ONLY version to watch, please do not ever watch the Keira Knightly version...yuck! lol There is quite a bit of traveling and vacation in this movie and Colin Firth is Darcy incarnate.

Well there you have it, my top 5 vacation least for now. What are your favorite movies about vacation, to watch while on vacation or to watch to let your brain take a vacation??? lol

Have a great weekend everyone!

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avintagespirit (Lizzy) said...

Just stumbled upon your blog for the first time today, but it's just lovely :)
Have an enjoyable weekend!
And I agree, the Colin Firth version in the only version of Pride and Prejudice to watch. It's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

ohhh love those movies Maggi!
Hope you are having a great time on vacay! miss you already!

Terry said...

Howdy Maggi
Happy Vacation to you.
May you have a fabulous weekend away from blogland and remember no blog peeking :) till you have had your fill of great vacation flicks.
ALl my best to you and a big hug for little Toot who has grown an inch most likely during my blogging break.
Have fun girl !
You'll be missed tremendously but please stay away and have fun ,recharge your batteries .
We will all be here when you get back :)
Big Hugs
Happy Trails



Scrappy Girl said...

One of my fave vacay movies is Fraternity funny and totally 80s!

There is another movie titled Only stars Helen Hunt and I think Andrew is cute too! It fits under vacay movies.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Love your choices. P & P is a masterpiece, Firth is Darcy! I didn't even bother glancing at the Keria one.


Lorry said...

Maggi great choices for vacation movies. I loved your comments about Dirty Dancing ` never really thought of it that way... lol

Hope you have a great vacation

Anonymous said...

Yeaaa for great movies! And even better, yeaaa for vacation!

That's Who I Am said...

Great movie picks! By the way you did Movies for Friday Night Fab Five and I did my favorite TV shows too funny:) Wow we must be sisters;)

laterg8r said...

one of my faves is the great outdoors with john candy and annette bening! great list :)

Bella said...

Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy... you are a woman after my own heart. :)

Nora Johnson said...

Dear Maggi!

So agree - Colin Firth is the one & only Mr Darcy! Nothing before or since comes close!! (Don't let's even mention that Keira film...!!!)

Hoping you're having a wonderful weekend,

PS Lola Award winner announcement due later today (Saturday)!!

Jocelyn said...

Oh Maggi, what great pics!!!! I never thought about Dirty Dancing in that way...I guess I was just too busy watching Patrick and his smoking hot boby and wishing I was doing some of that Dirty Dancing with him!!!! Have a great time.... take lots of pics and ENJOY!!!!! :)

tales from an oc cottage said...

That is the best version of P & P evvvvvuuuuuh!! And 5 whole fabulous hours too!!! Just the thought makes me swooneth! I do believe I know what I will be watching this evening!

m ^..^

Anonymous said...

Maggi, I hope your having a wonderful vacation! National Lampoons is definitely on the top of my list.. so funny!

<3 Gina

Karen said...

Well, I must admit, I did love #2, inconsistancies and all. #3 I watched many timess and am a Marisa Tomei fan....was that movie Really made in '94?! Oh my! I've never seen #1, #4, or #5....though, I have read the book of the last one here. Hope you are having a fabulous vacation! :>

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the movies U chose! :):):):):):):):):):)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Pride and Prejudice, yes please! One can never veer wrong with such a timeless classic.

Fun list of flicks, sweetie! Hope your vacation is going absolutely fantastic!!!

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I love watching anne of green gables when I'm on holiday - its such a holday thing to watch :)

rachaelwood said...

I LOVE dirty dancing and Forgetting Sarah Marshall! So funny!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

haha! It's good to hear that you did not drag a dog behind your car or eat pee-pee sandwiches!!! too hilarious!

We've see National lampoon's Vacation, Dirty Dancing, Pride and Prejudice...but I'll have to check out that one with Marisa Tomei. and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

(Thank you also for mentioning a reminder to all the wonderful Christmas revelers that commented at my party!) ...And your kind words :o)

Tammy D said...

Yes the A&E version is so the best. I got the Blue Ray of it in April. Watched a few clips from it and it's amazing. Unfortunately the only blue ray playing is in my basement which has been taken over by 5 or so college boys and I haven't had a chance to watch the whole thing down there.

GypsyFox said...

I love all those movies,only I've never watched "Only You" is it good?