Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Night Fab Five: I Still Love Lucy Edition

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Now on to this week's Friday Night Fab Five! This week (in my humble opinion) is the most fun week yet! Let's get to it!

I felt like going "vintage" for this week's Fab Five for some reason and what could be more of an icon for vintageousness (yes, I just made that word up) than "I Love Lucy"? The clothes, the furniture, the physical comedy and one liners that still make me laugh till I cry! It holds up so well to the test of time and isn't that what vintage is all about?

1. On their way to Hollywood, Lucy and the gang make a stop in New Mexico, Ethel's home town. Unbeknown st to the others, Ethel has been telling everyone back home that she is the star and decides to put on her own show which is promptly crashed by Lucy, Ricky and Fred. This scene at Ethel's show is one of my favorites!

2. In "The Benefit", Lucy once again gets Ricky to be in a benefit for her ladies club. Thinking he has one over on her this time, he picks a song where Lucy has a small part and none of the punchlines. She of course finds out and turns the tables on Ricky. (And check out Ethel's corsage, holy mum!)

3. Seriously, every time I see Lucy crashing one of Ricky's shows I laugh so hard I cry. Mostly because Ricky's expressions are PRICELESS! In this episode, Ricky has said no to Lucy's show business dreams, especially now that Little Ricky has been born. Not willing to let Fred and Ethel be the only ones in Ricky's show, she crashes in the usual fabulous Lucy style.

4. When Lucy convinces Ricky to demand a raise, he gets fired from the club. Lucy and pals devise a plan to make Ricky's now ex-boss see he made a mistake by reserving every table at the club, showing up in different costumes and then leaving when they discover Ricky is no longer appearing there.

5. Tears.Streaming.Down.My.Face. That's all I need to say to introduce Lucy rehearsing her commercial for Vitameatavegamin.

How in the world I picked just five "I Love Lucy" moments, I'll never know! I really could have made this a Friday Night Fab 100. lol Oh what the heck, we can't have scenes from "I Love Lucy" without including Lucy and Ethel working at the candy factory!!!!

If you are a fan of this show, I'd love to hear some of your favorite Lucy moments! I hope y'all enjoyed this week's Fab Five! Hopefully it put a smile on your face and got you in the mood for a fabulous weekend!


Jocelyn said...

Oh Maggi....I am such a fan!!! The last two are my favorites!!!! I am not one that can get a big ole belly laugh from a tv show...but Joe has had to check in on me when I am watching I Love Lucy!!! I get to laughing so hard I cry!!!! Thanks for making this you Friday Night Fab Five.. it made me smile watching all the episodes!!! Have a great weekend sweet friend!

jacque4u2c said...

I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes and thanx a lot - now I have a cramp! LOL!!! She was one remarkable actress! Have you heard anymore on Callista????

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that show sooooooooooooo MUCH!!!!! My fave one is the one when Lucy told Ricky she was pregnant at the giving him a note......*sigh* that one brought happy tears to my eyes every time! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Traci said...

Love the fab five and LOVE Lucy!! Those were great moments but I love the episode where they were getting ready to go to the hospital and have the baby, when she tells him she is pregnant at the club, and the Bill Holden one. Ya know, where Ethel has to cut her spaghetti and her nose catches on fire!! Ohh! Also where she and Ethel wear the same dress and they sing Friendship!
I could list all day!!

Anonymous said...

BY far my fav episode is the last one...lucy and ethel wrapping chocolate. I remember watching that like once a month on reruns as a kid and laughing my butt off.

Maureen said...

Maggie! What a treat! That chocolate one is one of my ALL TIME FAVE episodes!!!! They don't make great shows like these anymore! The humor is different now. Thanks for sharing!


Tooj said...

I love that you have a fab five and you posted up Lucy video clips! :) I haven't watched many episodes but she's so classic. I am blog hopping today and coming over from SITS to say hi. I'm doing a post and linking back to posts I find around blogland that I like. I'm going to link back to you so that others can come and enjoy Lucy. Happy Saturday!

Jackie said...

Awesome fab five!! Everyone in our family loves Lucy too! The chocolate, and vetavitavegamin episodes are my favourite :)

Rocksee said...

I love the one where lucy tells ricky that she is pregnant during his show.. and he sings to her.. it's very sweet. YOu can tell how much they love each other in that episode.

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Oh, I LOVE Lucy. No, really I do.

Popping in from SITS to wish you a day full of blessings.

Beth Perry said...

hahah I love it!! I love 'Ethel and Company'!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

You have a VERY fun blog! I'm so glad I found you (via SITS). I like your writing style and sense of humor. I'll be back soon!

Marie Reed said...

I'm going to grab a cup of coffee and watch these now! Hooray for I love Lucy!